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Selecting The Right Lighting For A Room

The  lighting you choose for a room is very important. This seems like a no-brainer, right? We all know that lighting is important to the mood in a room, to the feel in a room, and it affects how we feel when we are in that room.  If the room is too dark, then it feels small and closet-like, very claustrophobic and gloomy.  If the room is too bright, it can be difficult to be comfortable in the room, because it can feel like an interrogation room or a hospital room, stark, cold and forbidding.

When we choose the lighting for our room, we must take into account how many windows there are in the room, including any skylights. Natural lighting like this gives an open and airy feeling to a room, no matter its size. If we need lighting, recessed track lighting can be a good choice, depending on ceiling height. Overhead lighting can be extra-fancy, like a crystal chandelier, or it can be a simple light with a globe. Most of this will depend on the size of the room’s dimensions, the height of the ceiling- obviously, a low-hanging light is a poor choice in a room with a low ceiling, and recessed track lighting will be extremely inconvenient in a room with a very high ceiling.

For both extremes, floor lamps are good choices. If the room is large, flexible lighting and adjustable floor lamps are a good choice.

A room with an extremely high ceiling will not lend itself to chandelier or other suspended- style lighting, because of the length of electrical wiring needed, and the difficulty in changing the bulbs. Table lamps, floor lamps and skylights, in combination with large windows that give a chance to utilize as much natural light as possible, so that lights are only needed at night, are good choices for these rooms. Adjustable floor lamps set in the corners of the room work very well, and can be found in as many styles as table lamps can, thereby coordinating with the décor you have already chosen.

You can use colored bulbs for fun and interest, especially if your lamps have glass shades. You can also use them in adjustable floor lighting. Color helps to add to ambience and mood in a room. If you want a very calming, quiet sort of room, use amber bulbs. If you want plenty of light, but want a softer look, use pink-tinted bulbs. Stay away from colors such as red and blue. Pastels and amber colors work very well to help create a mood and feeling in a room, depending on the chosen décor.

Smaller and medium-sized rooms require special concern when choosing lighting. Brighter lighting makes a small room seem much larger, and not closet-like or stuffy. If you need lamps, use torchiere lamps. They will easily sit in a corner, behind a piece of furniture, and they are easy to reach when the bulb needs to be changed or the lamp needs cleaning. Getting enough light into a small room can be difficult, and there needs to be enough light to be able to read or sew comfortably, without being too uncomfortable for light-sensitive occupants. Soft white or soft pink bulbs of at least 60 watts are needed here. Lights which are faceted on the lenses help to reflect light and seem to spread it more. This helps the room seem larger and more airy.

It is extremely important when choosing lighting that you take into consideration the size of the room, use of the room, and any natural light sources, as well as how much work you are willing to do to maintain the feeling you’ve created in your room.  Lighting is as important as location, location, location.

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